So, you’re all up for your next big venture. Excited? You have that great product. An idea that can create a dent in the universe. You know where your target audience is. But you are just lazy to act on your digital strategy.

Stop & Think

Before you even sit down to launch your business, you need to be very clear why your brand exists in the first place.

There are thousands of brands out there, but what makes your brand stand out? Be very clear what different service are you offering to the people.

Pick one USP & then go for it. Once you’re clear what you want to give your audience, you will be able to plan that well.

Observe but do not follow your competitors

Keeping an eye on your competitors is great, but following them will hurt your brand big time. For instance, a professional web design agency will keep an eye on their competitors but they will do things that are relevant to your audience.

Pick your 5 best competitors and see what they are doing. Now, what you need to do is to think how can your brand be different than their brand.

Where can you be more successful in branding your product where your competitors are not seeing? Go and do that.

Figure out your niche

While everyone is busy following the crowd, you, on the other hand, need to find your niche and work on that.

Every company has a niche. The big ones have already found their niche, it is time for you to find yours too.

Once you’ve figured out your niche, you will be able to target your market according to that niche.

From there onwards it will be easy for you to reach the correct target audience.

Use one photo for all your boards

Your image, logo, is the representation of your brand. To keep consistency among your brand presence, you need to use one photo for all the places on the internet.

A single photo will help create a mental image of your brand and associate your brand with the niche.

Once the customer can identify your niche & relate to your brand, it will add value to your overall branding efforts.

Use one username

No matter what people call you, it is always wise to use one username for all your social media interactions.

One name is easy to remember and people can connect to you with ease.

Give the users that ease to connect with you whenever they feel like. And if you don’t have one username, people will have to search for your brand online, which sometimes get frustrating.

Create a Brand Personality with Social Media

Your brand personality is something you create over social media. You can create a strong brand presence by using social media platforms.

Just take out some time from your busy schedule to see what your social media profiles are saying about your brand.

LinkedIn, LinkedIn, LinkedIn

Go where your audience is. Most of the time a branding agency focus on one network and forget the next.

But problem with this is, they often focus on the wrong social medium.

To brand your business, best place to start is LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn is the famous place where all the influencers are present.

You can create a fan page and gather people around, but if you really want a strong brand presence, you need to take care of where your audience.

To end it all

For an effective branding strategy, you need to start your branding 30 days prior to your launch. Although it is not a set rule, but in order to run things well, you need to do the necessary work and follow the tips mentioned above.

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